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There are many reasons why we are trusted by our clients. Perhaps the single most important one is because we care. We speak our client’s language and listen to what they need. To see for yourself why our client succeed working with us please register below:

Lease-to-Hire Versus Project Based

Lease To Hire Model/Variable Costs Project Based/Fixed Costs

The Lease To Hire Model provides a highly cost effective way to accomplish your business goals. The Lease to Hire Model is defined by either a longer term engagement or open ended relationship.

Unlike the more open ended “Lease To Hire” model the Project Based Engagement is budgeted out with a defined time horizon as well as a defined cost framework.

In this model the client utilizes TAS to assemble an IT team which is then exclusively tasked towards addressing certain enterprise goals on behalf of the client.

The technical review conducted as part of our ‘Scoring Of Your Project” is more in depth and will require more time. Based upon this review TAS will generate a Development Plan which then forms the backbone of the contractual relationship.

The team then serves as an extension of the client's In House development team. This highly flexible solution allows the client to delegate either partial or entire enterprise functions to the external team.

Since TAS assumes technical responsibility client involvement can be more limited in this scenario. Assuming that the client provides the necessary feedback during the Quality Review process the meeting of all performance, functionality and deadline goals are the sole responsibility of TAS.

The client usually assumes a more active role in the technical leadership of this relation. The leadership can be executed through an existing In House Project Manager or the hiring of a Project Manager and/or project leads as part of the TAS team.

Payment is based upon milestones which were defined in the Development Plan and mutually approved before development started. Final payment is due upon delivery of the source code.

The client manages the team through the use of State of the art collaborative tools and reporting guidelines. (see Reporting and Accountability)

TAS will free of charge, for a period of 90 days correct any functional errors (software bugs) promptly upon being notified of such a bug.

In a relationship like this payment is based upon the time worked, either hourly billed or agreed upon monthly charge.

The Hybrid Model:

The Hybrid Model allows for a seamless transition from the one model to the other. Based upon the changing needs of a client the seamless transition between the two models allows for the proper alignment of the clients business requirements to the need for more or less resources.


Companies like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk and many others offer freelancers from across the globe in many domains.

Even though freelancing reinvented the traditional model of working from office, it does have its own limitations. The Internet has many accounts of distressed users sharing their unsatisfactory experiences of hiring freelancers.

Keeping this in mind and the manner in which work the force has been traditionally managed, a solution was derived in the form of TAS TradeSoft

Dedicated resource
Team sits together for easy collaboration
Data security
Priority given to client’s work
Ease of communication Low High
Access to regular IT support
Regular hardware and software support
Intellectual Property protection
Professional office environment
Resource administration
Immediate stop/start
Customized, job-based recruitment by HR executives
Face to Face interview with one or many candidates
Test the candidates before selection
Hire in any domain or profession
Cost Low Equal or Lower

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