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If you need a partner to cover the entire spectrum of development services - you found it. Perhaps our biggest advantage is that we can satisfy all of your requirements… across multiple platforms and channels. We are truly a “one stop shop”. Learn what we can do for you and register below.

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Enterprise Software Development

The correct development of an Enterprise Software Solution is usually the most complex software development an organization will undertake. This is an integration integrates across all operational levels of an organization, and it requires an in depth understanding of the processes and challenges which need to be addressed. TAS has significant experience in the improvement, functionality additions, and the complete implementation of Enterprise Software Development. Regardless of whether it is a legacy code conversion or a new development, We will ensure that you stay ahead of the technology curve.

software development

Mobile Application Development

Your business and your customers are in motion. Nowadays organizations rely on mobile application development to extend their reach well beyond the traditional points of contact. The smartphone or tablet serves as a platform to connect customers and staff across the globe with an ease not possible up until a few short years ago. We know how to take your business mobile. We support all of the main mobile application platforms, and we will ensure that your mobile effort hits the mark.

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Web Application Development

Retail E-Commerce sales and Professional E-Commerce Sales are growing at a significantly greater rate than traditional sales. Companies are witnessing more of their overall business increasingly migrate to the web, and often times within a short period. Because of its complexity the proper development of a Web based transaction platform pose a significant challenge.

With proper implementation we will ensure that your web based business solutions perform to your expectations at all times.

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UI/UX Design, Visualization and Web Design

The First Impression does count. A stunning and clearly defined presentation of your company and its services has become more important over the years. The integration of more functionality into a user interface, be it web-based or a dedicated software solution, remains a huge challenge. A website or software that is too ambiguous and not intuitive quickly generates pushback from customers. This in turn increases associated support costs.

We will help you to generate the best possible User Experience for your customers making sure that functionality and design are perfectly integrated.

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Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

There is nothing more unnerving for an organization than to go through the implementation of a new product or service only to realize that the underlying software does not perform as well as they expected. Possible problems can range from partial in-operability to complete system failure. These types of unacceptable results can be disastrous by leading to a loss of customer satisfaction, and consequently to an immediate loss of revenue.

Our team of Quality Assurance testers will create a state of the art simulated environment for you. We will battle test your solution against every possible scenario, and under the heaviest load ensure that your new solution will perform from day one.

software development

Database Administration (DBA)

Database Administration and Management is an essential part of any data hungry application. The major manufacturers of Database software (Oracle, Microsoft and IBM) release a steady flow of patches and upgrades which require attention. Our team of Database Administrators will maintain your DB pursuant to the required specifications.

software development

Call Center Solutions

Many companies stumble when it comes to the organization and execution of their offshore call center operations. Inadequate training combined with heavily accented representatives can create major headaches for users of offshore call center services.

We excel in providing you the best possible solutions to facilitate your inbound or outbound call center related endeavors. The Philippines is the undisputed leader in Business language abilities globally (Business English Index, BEI of 7.11).

Our commitment to training, combined with the number one ranked workforce for Business English, will ensure that your clients feels well taken care of at all times.

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