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Without a doubt the most important element in the selection of your hire (Least-to-Hire or Project Based) is the skillset of your new hire. Mismatched skillsets or just plain lack of skills are undoubtedly the worst thing which can happen to any organization trying to boost output while reining in costs.

In order to avoid such a situation TAS employs a thorough vetting and qualification process to ensure that our client hires have those qualifications which are correctly aligned with the needs of their project.

The centerpiece of our qualification process is the use of an independent testing environment which enables us to standardize our assessment of any new hire.

Each candidate is assigned a testing environment which simulates a real world project. The test is generated using a 3 tier difficulty level. Within the difficulty level a numeric valuation is generated which then enables us to assess the potential hire vis-a-vis other potential candidates. There is no second guessing of qualifications.

Each test can be conjured to simulate a problem which is closely related to the actual development work the new hire is slated to deal with. As such our testing environment does represent a real life assessment of the capabilities of the hire. It is not an abstract which bears no or little resemblance to real life conditions. The actual test and its environment can be set up in close coordination with our client. This way we ensure that there is a complete alignment of skills and requirements.

The external testing environment used is Codility. For more information about the process visit www.codility.com

The snippets displayed above only represent a small selection of the full testing report. If you would like to receive a full test report then please let us know.

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