Client Onboarding Handbook

Dear Client:

Thank You for choosing TAS Tradesoft as your partner. In order to ensure a smooth work environment we have summarized the process and procedures we generally follow to commence the relationship. Please note that the policies outlined below are a general guideline. Based upon your specific needs and requirements we will obviously do our best to accommodate your needs.

1. Please complete Your Self Evaluation Request (SER)

By now you should have received and completed a Self-Evaluation Request (SER). If you have not completed the form yet please do so now. Billing contacts and a Senior Decision Making contact are only needed once you have signed the Service Agreement and can therefore be added later.

2. Submission Of Non-Disclosure Agreement

Once we have received your completed SER, we will use the information provided to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We will expedite the NDA back to you. If you would like to provide us with your own NDA please feel free to do so.

3. Schedule of the Initial Consultation, Top Level Review

While we are exchanging and/or preparing the NDA we would like to schedule a Top Level Review meeting. The Top Level review Meeting takes place after the NDA’s been received.

4. Top Level Review (TLR)

Usually conducted on the phone, Skype, or other video conferencing solution the Top Level Review serves as a detailed explanation of our service offering. We will enter into a top-level (non-technical) discussion of your requirements and a possible appropriate solution.

In particular, we will discuss the pros and cons of a Lease-To-Hire (LTH) or Project Based (PB) solution, and what that means as it relates to your project. The goal of this conversation is that you have a thorough understanding of the entire process. We will try to address all of the questions you might have to the extent of the possible solutions including some rough pricing guidelines.

For your reference please find below a brief explanation of the difference in service level of the two supported solutions:

Lease-to-Hire / Single Developer or Team

In this case, TAS TradeSoft provides dedicated offshore development personnel that are a seamless extension of your internal product/application development capability. In close cooperation with you we create a team which is able to analyze your business requirements, provide development plans and implement your solution Any Lease-to-Hire Solution can range from one Hire to a Full Development Team. Typical characteristics of a Team is as follows:

Necessary Team Roles

Project Leader Is capable of understanding and solving the customer's business challenge and is able to manage a team of up to 20 developers; ensures that the customer's expectations are aligned with the project; has experience with universal testing approaches; is responsible for quality assurance.

Lead/Senior Developer Is capable of understanding and solving the customer's business challenge and able to manage a team of two to five developers; is responsible for the design of the application architecture and build of the core and complex modules.

Intermediate Developer Delivers high-quality software programmer according to requirements.

Project Based Cost Model (PB)

Often times a clearly defined project scope can be efficiently completed within Project Based Cost Model (PB). Under this model cost and timeline will be pre-estimated, and a detailed project plan will be drafted. By using the PB Model you (the client) precisely control the expense since we assume all the risk to complete the project on the agreed upon budget and within the agreed upon timeline.

The following process will be used as guidelines to accomplish the Project Based Goals:

If you consider the Project Based Engagement please consider the following steps and key requirements:

The Quote
We will ask you to submit the project requirements. Using this information one of our technical consultants will help to work out a proposal based on the project requirements received. The proposal normally includes team size, workload, total cost, technical solution, etc. This process is normally free of charge to you as long as there is no extensive exploration process required.

Project Based
You have total predictability of costs before the project starts. We guarantee fulfillment of contract which is based upon the quote compiled earlier. All operational liabilities to complete the project within the approved budget and time guidelines lie with us.

Exact Development Plan and Technical Documentation
Before the project starts, our project manager will have made a detailed development plan according to your requirements. All of the development work will be performed based on the development plan.

Warranty Period
We will provide a 3 month warranty period after the delivery of any product. During this period, if there are any bugs found to be fixed we will guarantee to fix the bugs within a nominal time frame free of charge.

Payment Types
You will pay an initial deposit, the rest based on agreed upon milestones, and the last payment after user acceptance.

5. Technical Assessment / Deep Dive

After the Top Level Review has been concluded, you have made a decision to move along within the process, and would like to obtain a detailed technical proposal, we will now commence with the detailed technical review. (Deep Dive Review).

Typically we expect you to have made a decision before the Deep Dive commences whether you would utilize the Project Based (PB) Approach or the Lease-To-Hire Model (LTH). This is preferred since the Deep Dive will differ somewhat between the two options.

One of our Team Project Evaluators will get on the phone and video link with one of the technical counterparts on your side. Our Project Evaluator will look at the explained project and evaluate the actual technical need that you have.

As part of this evaluation we will break down your project into different components. (Web, Enterprise, IOT, Mobile, DB, UX and so on…)

Each component gets assigned with a numeric value. The value represents our assessment as to the difficulty level of the reviewed component. 1 represents the lowest and 10 the highest on the scale. We use this value to later match the qualifications of your hire to the difficulty level of the project. Simply put, a project which is rated 5 will be matched with development staff rated around 5.

We will use the following TAS Tradesoft Technical Ratings system in analyzing the work projects for Fixed Cost or Dedicated Developer routes.

Dedicated Developer Internal Rating Capability
Junior Engineer 1-3 Fluent English reading and writing skills and able to communicate with clients via phone, email or IM. Shows good programming ability able to take part in most projects or work independently in smaller projects and typically has 1-3 years experience.
Intermediate Software Engineer 3-6 Fluent English reading and writing skills and able to communicate with clients via phone, email or IM. Creative and positive; self-organizing and able to solve challenges by analyzing and adapting appropriate methods.
Senior Software Engineer 6-10 Excellent English reading and writing skills and able to communicate with clients via phone, email or IM. Able to understand the big picture and what is trying to be achieved with relevant project experience.
The Lease-To-Hire Solution: The Project Based Solution:
The Deep Dive for the Lease-To-Hire Solution will be somewhat limited compared to the Deep Dive for the Project Based Solution. Since we do not have to consider the question of development timelines vis-a-vis a budget the review is limited to the question of technical requirements and level of difficulty. We will try to gain a thorough understanding of your development goals to achieve the perfect team composition.

One of the key distinctions of the Lease-To-Hire Solution is that additional resources can be added rather quickly once the project is under way. As such the correct level of staffing is less important (since it can be added quickly) as opposed to having the right Skill set in place.
Should you decide to utilize the Project Based Solution we will use the gathered information during the Deep Dive to define the scope of the Project. We will specify the challenges and the details involved. We will document information and details about the description of the project, the deadline within which it must be completed, and the milestones that must be achieved. We will define the team who will handle the project and will make sure that they would undergo briefing on these specifications and targets. The database design is decided if necessary.

The gathered information during the Deep Dive will be used to submit a detailed Project Plan and Quote.

6. Final Proposal

Based upon the Information obtained during prior discussions and the Deep Dive we will submit a binding offer. The offer will contain pricing based upon the established guidelines.

7. Acceptance of the Proposal / Preparations to Commence Project

Upon agreement of the Final Proposal we will immediately commence the assembly of the team.

Using external testing environments we will start screening candidates. The results will correspond to the numeric difficulty values assigned to the project as part of the Deep Dive. You will be presented with a variety of candidates, and have the ability to screen and interview candidates to select the team.

Project Based:
The Project Manager dedicated to your project will assemble the team tasked to complete your project. We will share all relevant details of the team members with you.

8. Start of the Project

The team has been assembled and the payment obligations have been fulfilled. The Team starts working. Based upon the established guidelines the Team Managers will maintain open line of communications to maintain close contact with you. We typically use Basecamp and Active Collab to organize and structure the project. Updates are provided weekly at the very least. In case you prefer an alternative management structure we will make every effort to comply with your reporting requirements and use the tools you prefer to use.

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